Huizenjagers will, as of 2020, the international

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Following on from the success of the past few seasons, is going to Huizenjagers in the 2020’s, literally taking it one step further Huizenjagers rest of the world (working title). In the new series, to attract agents with their potential buyers in different countries and regions all over the world. A cozy bungalow with a swimming pool in sun-drenched Spain to a secluded house in the beautiful countryside of France. Everything is possible and nothing is too much trouble for the Huizenjagers be of service to you. The well-known Huizenjagers formula will be retained, but there should be a greater role for the region and the local points of interest. Yes, that is right at FOUR years

Thus, some 140,000 Belgians were last year, are lured into the purchase of a second home abroad, and each and every day, to consider the other fellow to do the same thing. Beyond the country’s borders are, after all, a lot of the pearls of the homes ripe for the picking, but how can you find that perfect holiday home? For the past five season and frothing agents all over Flanders, to the dream of the prospective buyers to find, and the know-how to take them with me to other countries as well.

In Huizenjagers Foreign countries will compete each week in three real estate brokers, to practice it for the much-coveted trophy. They will do everything to make every day a house is to sell it to the discerning prospective buyers. Those who, at the end of the week with the most accumulated points, crowns itself as the winner.

2246 miles, 552 buildings, and visited 21 times, made an offer and 17 companies, have been spotted