Dansavontuur Evy Gruyaert is in danger of serious injury?

5de72e933f6bdc617e134bd2ea826301 - Dansavontuur Evy Gruyaert is in danger of serious injury?

Dancing with the Stars takes its toll on the candidates, and that Evy Gruyaert on Tuesday, during her training, personal experience: a dance movement popped her knee out of the socket. That is, she had just, self-known to her during her radio show on the Nostalgia: “My body has an automatic reflex to the knee back into the proper position, push it in, but I’m still in pain, and there is a lot of fluid in my knee. Oh well, shit happens, right? I want to be there and to do everything possible to get it to stand up.” Motivation is not a lack, but it remains to be seen whether her knee is fully recovered, it will have to be with her. The first diagnoses to predict, doesn’t have a lot of good things …

Her partner, Frank, was also there at that time: “I’ve been in the first instance, greatly at night. They did this many years ago, had with her in the other knee, and she took a huge long time to recover. Ironically, during his rehearsals for her ‘bad’ knee, always try to go to the lavatory. But from the other knee … No clue as to what the next day will bring.”