Letter from Anna Woltz struggled with the “moederperspectief”

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Letter from Anna Woltz struggled with the “moederperspectief”

02 October 2019 06:29
02-10-19 06:29
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Letter from Anna Woltz experience, since she is the mother of a son, Benjamin and enrichment, but it is also limiting in its authorship. This, says the author of the Kinderboekenweekgeschenk 2019, in conversation with the Faithful.

“The writing of ‘shark teeth’, I had to do my best to make it moederperspectief outside of it, to keep it,” said the 37-year-old children’s book. “I thought for a time, soon, to get the poor kids out by their exhausting, cold bike ride, and a pneumonia. However, I have on purpose not a hot-bed is given. It will remain cold. This makes the story even more exciting.”

The direction of being a mom to a two year old, weighs in, according to Woltz, at the price on her work. “It is a great supplement in order to see how such a small creature developed into a true human being. Now I may not be seventy, but forty. However, I do not think that I have the choice, at the end of my life will be ruined.”