Households exchange home, money and life, in even extremely rich Poor

7bf9b670cf85cdc7b27a0c52319685d3 - Households exchange home, money and life, in even extremely rich Poor

A poor and a rich family to trade as of Thursday, October 3, for a long weekend out of the house, the budget, and to live in the new Flemish series, even extremely rich Poor. One of the family a taste of a few days to a luxeleven, while the other one suddenly has to be creative in our use of limited resources. But are their lives really that far away from each other, or they turn out to be at the end of the day, have more in common than they thought?
The family-Usage, lives in a beautifully renovated castle in between the Campine meadows, where their ponies can graze. Mama, Molly is leading a well established firm of architects, father of Olaf to help her, and also works as a physiotherapist. According to him, it will spoil Molly for her children as a compensation for her time-consuming, a passion of her work.

The West-Flemish family, Pollet residence, on the other hand, a small workers ‘ houses, which they are, with a great sense of humor, and play their Plophuisje call. Mom Kelly, and dad, Peter, have lived, until recently, was still rich, but after a werkongeval, and the subsequent bankruptcy, is it a young family, with a huge mountain of debt. For them, survival is the central. They are going to have to put up with 120 dollars a week, and have to rely on the food bank.
The two families take each other’s lives, your home, and your budget for a week about it.

New as of Thursday, October 3 at 20.35 on the VTM