The Buurtpolitie actor, is a financial drama, to meet

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Junes Lazaar see, we have recently been working as an intern have not Seen it in The Buurtpolitie, but in what it reveals is that the actor that there were thunderstorm clouds are mobilizing outside the top of his head. Junes has, in fact, in two court cases in his legs, which were filed by his ex-employer, Baba Yega.

The dance that broke during Belgium’s Got Talent, has filed a complaint against the Junes Lazaar because of slander and libel. After the dance got accused Junes Baba Yega, of abuse. Junes be on what is particular to a single person, by Baba Yega Sinerjey Meyfroodt. “Sinerjey to see themselves as being the best man at Baba Yega. The glory is to him, at the head increased, and all the other Baba’s are all the consequences of the encounter’, claimed the Junes at All.

Junes was his job to terminate them, because there’s been practicing for it. The 25,000-euro prize from Belgium’s Got Talent, and disappeared like snow under the sun. Also, the merchandising, which saw the Junes will not have. After a lot of discussions, the group also abandoned it. According to Junes, he is not the only one. “The general public doesn’t know that, but there are a lot of changes between one another. But don’t underestimate Sinerjey don’t… I’m afraid that he will, in turn, in such a way that he is the greatest of interest. And at the end of the day, so, too, with the majority of the money goes to walk away,” claimed Junes