Only Elvis’s remains will return to the Canvas

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Only Elvis presley continues to exist and continues to be a fixture on the Canvas. This fall, Thomas Vanderveken for the ninth time in a series of fascinating interviews with eight colleagues. All of them will bring their most exciting, inspiring, and moving images with it.

An hour and a half a long time they will tell you about them that fascinates and motivates you, and where their ideas come from, and what are the guiding principles in their life. Thomas is a charming and committed host, that the guests value and respect this, but the difficult questions, don’t ignore it.

The eight distinctive voices. She’s making music, acting, immersing himself in the subjects of mathematics and climate, or to have a decent life. They will give you help to shape the public debate. They are talking about, and to write about what’s real and fake, life and death, and to take a critical look at the current situation. Their work is interesting and varied.

For eight Saturdays with a long walk, and we are a part of their journey with them. As of Saturday, the 26th of October, at around 22: 00., each of the fiction series at home, and in the VRT NOW.

Dan (26.10) to open the ninth line, to be a musician, but also so much more to it than that. That is apparent once again from the magnificent fragments, which he was involved.

An Arabist, and writer Chams Eddine Zaougui (2.11), it is to be a leading voice in the public debate, and attempts to use the history to a better understanding of the current situation.

Professor Wim Distelmans (9.11) is to have a doctor and an activist. What motivates him to be so hard to keep fighting for a dignified end of life?

Math is not often discussed, but Only Elvis is still there, but when the math by Ann Dooms (16.11) is passionate about the practical applications of her craft talk, you’ll find a lot of doors will open.

With Luck, the staff, has author Margot Vanderstraeten (23.11) is a best-seller, say, but the stories they do, of course, been around for much longer. She also gives us a glimpse into her mind.

Scientist Valerie Trouet (30.11) studies on the climate and on the basis of the annual growth rings of trees. Very few people are talking so earnestly, as they are about their sources of inspiration and ideas.