New music of Bart Kaell

238f4b3f41f890836bd2a5ffbe6057d2 - New music of Bart Kaell

For his part in ‘Love of music, Bart Kaëll in the last couple of months looking at the work of other artists who have already participated in the programme. Action from the Belle Perez song ‘El Mundo Bailando’, it was in Bart’s version of ” I Need You to Say’ is a solid track. Bart took up the work of The Dinky Toys on their hands. ‘The Sweetest Hangover’, it was in a text edit of Bart, ” Let Me Lie down’. The title doesn’t apply to Bart. Due to the huge success of the plays by Luc Appermont, ‘Intimate’, which are all over the country to sold-out audiences, has, the singer is busier than ever. Also, the song “Flight over sea” is to be found on the album “out of this world”’.