Game review: Bonnie & Clyde, Antwerp

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Witness is a Hollywood film in Antwerp? That may be next week, in the Zuiderpershuis, during a visit to the fascinating musical and Bonnie & Clyde.

Juan Gerlo: “An action on stage. For the shoot, the passion, the romance, it really is a bit like an old hollywood movie”. Juan, the title role of Clyde, says this is a perfect thing for the general public in the first speelweekend it has to be experienced. Ghost Rocker is a the legendary criminal duo, that is know for Juan is not only true of play, he also shows that he is tough musicalpartituren out of the bag of 30’s-the costume can be finished.

No musicalfan? Not a problem! “Bonnie & Clyde area is perfect for movie buffs that the theater will not just be” added tegenspeelster, Charlotte Campion (T.), to. Charlotte not only knows She has to seduce her, but also seduces the audience with her voice.