Donny Roelvink save for porcelain teeth

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Donny Roelvink save for porcelain teeth

October 01, 2019 19:44
01-10-19 at 19:44
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Donny Roelvink and would like to have a different set of teeth at all. The 21-year-old realityster save for the porcelain tooth, which he wants to place the veneers using a composite, that he has right now.

“I have to save it for the porcelain teeth. It costs thousands of euros per tooth, but then you will have a beautiful and pearly white one. Porcelain is permanent”, says Roelvink in conversation with the Beau Monde.

The realityster spend additional money on their appearance. So, he goes twice a week to the tanning bed on a weekly basis for the past. “My hair grows fast, and is very, very steep. It looks like a weed and if I let it grow. I’m going to be on a Friday, then this is the right one for the weekend.”