A new radio station, Willy will start on the 11th of October

0099427c3ca4041b0786323ab1376a02 - A new radio station, Willy will start on the 11th of October

The count down to the first rock album to the new digital-only radio station, Willy is about to start, because on the 11th of October 2019 and at 7am the day. Willy is a rockzender, which is aimed at music lovers, with the motto of ‘Music Matters’. Willy is breathing in each day for music, and picks up on Friday with a whole bunch of programs. The first, ‘Willy ” s’, which is behind the radio microphone to crawl have been his big-Block, Iwein Segers, Stijn Meuris, Adam, the Angels, Tim Van Aelst, Cedric Maes, and Annelies Orye.

For Willy, crawling, musicians, Ruben Block, also known as the front man, Triggerfinger, Stijn Meuris, and Cedric Maes, the guitarist, The Sore Losers, for the first time, behind the radio microphone. Ruben Block-if you already get from:
Ruben Block: ‘The notion of” carte blanche ” was for me for a long time (laughs). You can play music that you personally find attractive, and beyond, you can use a program on a specific topic. So when they asked me if I wanted to participate in We started right away on all of the surface. Can hear music in a number of ways in my life as a listener, performer, and also as a writer. It has a different shapes and forms, and I thought it would be exciting to go on a radio show about it.”
Celebrated tv producer Tim Van Aelst, who is three, and Emmy awards, won the program’s “Benidorm Bastards”, “What if?” and ” What will I say?”, it crawls for the first time behind a radio microphone. Ever since I decided to do this from the tv show, which he created, and the importance of music in it. He sought inspiration in the music of the 60’s, and for ‘Benidorm Bastards’, the music of the 70’s, and for a ‘What if’, with music from the 80’s for the “Safety First,” and music from the 90’s for a Studio, Tarara’.
Tim is From the la times: “in Fact, I know of nothing on the radio, but when I found out about Willy’s, I was instantly a fan, and I had no choice than to be here with my shoulders to the wheel to turn. The programs that we have, is that the music is very important and is the deciding factor. On the Willy, so I’m going to expand on zoom out and the audience take in the story behind the music.”
Furthermore, scuba diving Lot of Angels, Iwein Segers and Annelies Orye, every Friday, the Willy-studio and in their passion for music to share with you.