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The guests Today on Monday, september 30,

Michel Lelièvre-free?
Today it has been decided that, Michel Lelièvre, and the accomplice of Marc Dutroux, soon to be an early may release. Lelièvre, was in 2004 convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison. He was also found guilty of torture and imprisonment of four girls, of whom two did not survive. At your table, respond to Betty and Paul Marchal, parents of the victim, An Marchal. TELEVISION reporter Caroline Van den Berghe, followed as to the process.

Finally, white smoke
At 127 days. Never before has it taken so long for a Flemish government. However, since this morning at 7.19 pm, it is finally in the white room. One of the hoofdonderhandelaars, the Open VLD president Gwendolyn Rutten, looking back on a marathon round of negotiations. She is a minister?