This week, the Huizenjagers is located in the world heritage City

This week, the Huizenjagers is located in the world heritage City

This is a week to stay in the Huizenjagers in the world heritage City, in the quiet area of the bustling city of Bruges is full of nature and history. And all this just a stone’s throw from the shore. Huizenjagers of the week: Peter, Jan, Peter and Christel.

Peter- – – Jan, for fans, perhaps, is a well-known figure, he was in the past, namely the general manager of Cercle Brugge. His motto in life is ” work to live, not live to work.” He is a jolly bon-vivant, but it is also a very competitive one. Together with his team, he did not go for the victory.

Christel, the second huizenjager of the week, is the youngest and the only female of the group. In the office where she works, Correctly, real Estate is a true family-run business has become, as Christel is working with her best friend and her parents-in-law. The beautiful and self-confident young lady to describe herself as a duracelkonijn, because nothing could they really aren’t. With a big smile on her face she throws herself fully into the fight for the title.

The last huizenjager of the world heritage City, is Dec. Together with his wife, Sophie, he has Real R&D is established, and that co-operation runs very smoothly. This old warhorse has been, without a doubt, be competitive. A charming and typical city of Bruges, one-liners, he will have every customer on the line trying to pull it.

Jo and Els, a man and a lover of nature Monday, september 30, to find a middle ground.A house in a quiet village near Bruges, went to live in a place where it will not be isolated but the views are sublime. Is that anything like a country-style décor and extra space for a minibrouwerij. A serious task for the week to start!