The War of the Worlds in October and will be premiered on the Fox

e01bcaf0e0340de7d2eb2b86f941c3dd - The War of the Worlds in October and will be premiered on the Fox

Get ready for the exciting eight-part series: the War of the Worlds, based on the classic novel by H. G. Wells, but in a whole new way. This is a contemporary thriller that takes place in a modern Europe, a place where humanity is being wiped out by an alien invasion, and the survivors will follow. With a promising cast that includes Gabriel Byrne, Elizabeth McGovern, Léa Drucker, and Natasha Little, is War of the Worlds will premiere on Tuesday, October 29, at 20.35 on FOX.

As astronomers, a sound is in a different universe, it is proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life, included. The world is waiting with much anticipation to further the contact. Within a couple of days, humanity is nearly completely dropped off the map due to a destructive attack, small groups of survivors remain, in an eerie abandoned the world.

Being hunted by the aliens, to ask them the burning question, ” who are these aliens and why are they determined to keep humankind from extinction? Emotional, cinematic, and character-rooted, bringing the War of the Worlds, a unique blend of human drama and the best in the world of science fiction. This is a story about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, but they are more than just victims of a brutal war. Gradually, it becomes clear that the attack was not random.