The busiest time for the Front of The Knight

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It’s been a busy time for the Front of The Knight. This past weekend was the name of the company-for the opening night of ‘Bonnie & Clyde’, but the actor is taking on. “I just broke down,” said Sven De Ridder on the Showbiz web Site. “In the past few weeks, I had a recording of ‘Red Sandra’, the new movie of Jan Verheyen”. That last Friday and finished it and found some in the netherlands. So it was the logical thing to do and that the Job at home, once in his office, wanted to hurry, Sunday morning he was up early, in the Kinepolis in Antwerp have been spotted for the opening night of “Angry Birds 2”, where the Job is one of the votes to do it. “This week I will be shooting season 2 of #LikeMe. Due to the filming of ‘Red Sandra’ I would not have the time to get to #LikeMe turning to this week, we’ll fly it,” laughs the actor. The filming of the second season will be closed in October.