Some of the people you know can CHARITY, Rising Star

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Flanders is full of musical talent. The world-wide-web, we will find the most amazing musical gems, not to mention the musical talent that each and every morning in the shower and leave.
To get to that hidden talent, expose, started, TELEVISION, youth radio station, CHARITY, the third year in a row in his quest to find the biggest names of new musical talent in the region. All of the OBSERVERS, listeners were able to in the past few weeks, musical talent, and no matter what, to be discovered by the radio station to share with.

After a successful registration period, the CHARITY level, the 3 finalists will be selected. That year they were in the morning which was published in The Great Peter Van de Veire Ochtendshow. As of now, anyone can have a whole week to vote on their favorite. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to the finalists, together with the CHARITY, dj Laura, Govaerts is on the road to get on to a crowded spitstrein of their shell and play and offer to run it. On Thursday the 3rd of October, we will know who are the OBSERVERS: a Rising Star in 2019 and will be. Voting will be open until Thursday, October 3, from 17.00 hours in the CHARITY application.

In 2017, it was singer’s OT – Olivia Trappeniers – the first of CHARITY, Rising Star, and this has led, among other things, a co-operation with the Region, as several Big Hits on the CHARITY, and the united states. Last year it was IN the title, walk away. They reported, had a record deal with Universal records, the launch was a successful musical career.