Seven wheelchair users to answer honestly to all the questions

d46e570c25d60f81bb37ceacf9b24390 - Seven wheelchair users to answer honestly to all the questions

Siska Schoeters will receive a new ask us anything tomorrow night, seven wheelchairs in an empty television studio. They are the answers to the questions asked of people: “do I Have to bend over if I tell you to speak?”, “Is that even sex?” or “do you Live only for the health insurance?” Worldwide, people 15% of the population, but emits such a large group in the day to day life is often on the barriers and biases.

The waffle house is going to look at the rolstoelrugby of Steven, a man in his twenties who was paralyzed on his return from his holiday in Australia. And they’re going to be on the road with Joan, who shows how the everyday things that we do not have to dwell on it, may not be as easy for someone in a wheelchair.

Ask us anything on Tuesday, October 1 at 20.40 hrs on One of.

Steven, 22 years old, Antwerp).
Steven was in an accident in 2014, in the outback of Australia. The car in which he was sitting, fell on the way to Steven, a 60-meter-deep down. On the way in to the helicopter and to the hospital to know, Steven, that’s not a good thing. The surgeon confirmed the suspicion: the neck broken and was paralyzed from the chest down. Steve has a long recovery to look back on. According to him, the mental aspect is the hardest. Steven has been designing special clothes for people in wheelchairs, and maintains a blog. It was through his blog that he and his current girlfriend met. The waffle house will follow Steven’s training for the rolstoelrugby.

She (at 52 years of age, new jersey)
She may be due to a medical mistake, not above. In 1995, it was for a back surgery for her spinal cord is hit. The verdict was hard and difficult to accept. Fortunately it takes She a lot of strength and positivity from her family. Today, they are upset if someone is not disabled, her car got caught for. She is working to walk Again and hopes that thanks to the technology of re-action.

She (41 years old, Floor
She has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This is an inherited connective tissue disease which they do not have the backing in its body. Due to this condition, she is now ten years in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, a resident Joke in the custom-house, and she almost 24/7 to help in the decision. To be dependent on other people, it was a Joke in the beginning it is very difficult to accept. Now, they are almost impossible without their help.”I have almost all of the day to ask for help. That is a hard thing.” She is happy when she is with the car, you can drive it. At this point, feels like they’re not staring gaze, because her wheelchair is in the trunk is located. The waffle house is going to be a day She is on stage and the experiences along the way the outside world is often not adapted to wheelchair users.