Johan Veugelers, the uncrowned king of the OKtoberfesten

6585e559e696de9ce792027e0d9ea9f7 - Johan Veugelers, the uncrowned king of the OKtoberfesten

On Saturday, the 5th of October, Johan Veugelers, one of the special guests at the megafestijn ‘English Mood’, in the Ijsselhallen in Zwolle, the netherlands. There are more than 20,000 celebrants are expected.

Two weeks ago, the popular singer/accordion player for 30,000 avid Site enthusiasts in the area concerttempel Location. Effortlessly, was a Dutch Belgian, and his very catchy songs, and live performances with a super-wide party level, the exuberant party-goers at his hand. Also, the theme song of Oktoberfest in to get there on the 18th and the 19th of October, ‘Rucki Zucki’, the selection of tracks. Johan Veugelers, it is the uncrowned king of the Oktoberfesten in the Netherlands and Belgium, and there it was, the audience, and I couldn’t agree more. “It’s amazing what an atmosphere there was in there was,’ says John, who is still nageniet of this mega-event, “When I was on the stage and told him that I was with the Jean-Marie Pfaff, a tribute to the Oktoberfesten, the ‘Rucki Zucki’, had been recorded, went up to the roof of it. What Jean-Marie is still very popular with the public.”.