We’re going to lead large, in The Tub, UP on to a lead against United

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We’re going to lead large, in The Tub, UP on to a lead against United

The 29th of september, 2019 11:55 pm
29-09-19 11:55 pm
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After the RKC Waalwijk-Vitesse (1-2), PEC Zwolle-PSV eindhoven (0-3) and FC Utrecht, and Willem II (2-0) are a Season-to FC Twente-AZ-Heracles Almelo starting at 16.45 in the last Premier league duels this round. To follow this liveblog.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the Premier league today.

  • LIVE:
  • AZ-Heracles 1-0
  • Feyenoord-FC Twente 4-1
  • Results:
  • PEC Zwolle-PSV eindhoven (0 to 4
  • FC Utrecht-Willem II 2-0
  • RKC-Vitesse 1-2

Feyenoord-FC Twente · * * * a few hours ago

We’re going to win over FC Twente
With a resounding 5-1 victory at FC Twente, and has the Team at least for a moment, the sports make of is play. Due to goals from Steven Berghuis, Sam Larson (two), Luis Sinisterra, and an own goal from He the Bees scored in the End five more times. On behalf of the Tukkers does Aitor Cantalapiedra midway through the first half of it is still the same, but then you go on the run with the Team.Feyenoord-FC Twente · a 3-minute geleden90+1 Almost makes up Perhaps half a dozen for the Team. The full-blast after a nice individual action, however, the right to be in the hands of the Devil.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 7 minutes ago –88′ GOAL in the Club! 5 to 1

Devil, Devil, Devil is still an increase, which the goalkeeper of FC Twente’s wrong with you? He takes a lot of time with a back-pass and shoot the ball at the incoming of Sam Larsson. That is to see, to his surprise, the ball will fall into the target, and may be the first, and Feyenoords fifth) hit enter.AZ-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands · 8 minutes ago89′ GOAL in AZ! 2-0

A-Z, the points in the bag. Calvin Stengs, allowing Alkmaarders since the subbing to improve the game, and must now score a goal. The playmaker is on the right at the characteristic way in and get the ball out of the reach of Janis Blaswich is in the short corner.Feyenoord-FC Twente · a 9-minute geleden87, ” The game is in The Cockpit, dragging herself towards the end. We’re going to go to a big victory at FC Twente’s books, so you can use it for a while, and the sporting worries to rest.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 19 hours geleden74′ Larsson moves, but even as a Twente defender in his shirt. It makes next to no avail, but we tried to have another one of those days that anything is possible. That has been the past few games, however, has not been the same, so he tries to be in good shape to take full advantage of them.AZ-Heracles Almelo · 21 hours ago

75′ In The Hague, netherlands, where the final stage has now begun, leading the AZ-still only 1-0 up against United, that’s still in strong position, however, what is more, the shell is entered. The Alkmaarders are a little bit on two thoughts: that a goal is to try to make it, or the powers, save to the eye of the busy schedule.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 23-geleden72′ we’re going to continue to look for more goals, and Toornstra, the fifth in his shoes. His efforts, however, at the last moment, blocked by a Twente player.Feyenoord-FC Twente · a 25-minute geleden69′ Bar Team! Sinisterra on his first goal for the Team a live chance for his second after firing. The Colombian comes in, the ball is half covered and be hanged by the games by raising the bar once again in the field and in the jumps. The rebound pops Larsson-wild and next to it.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 29 minutes ago –67′ GOAL in the Club! 4-1

It’s going to be wrong in the build-up to FC Twente, and we’re going to turn into the lightning-fast transition. His Devil a shot from Renato Tapia is still a return, but won’t stand a chance on the rebound of a Luis Sinisterra. We’re going to be playing to the frustrations of the past few of weeks away, FC Twente seems to be a willing victim.Feyenoord-FC Twente · a 31-minute geledenFeyenoord profit for the hundredth time from an own goal in the Premier league, the only Players 118) and has more on the way. FC Twente was responsible for the eight hundred, your own goals, the only ADO Den Haag and FC Volendam (one of nine), the ball is often in his own goal at the End.

The ball is finally somewhat happy with, and the team is even in the name of Bee, but what a nice action from Larsson. The team at 3-1!
57′ #feytwe


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen18:02 pm – 29 september, 2019Feyenoord-FC Twente · in 37 minutes, geleden57′ we’re going to have a very nice view to a big victory, and move on. Devil is ticking, with much dedication from the mountain hut next to it.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 40 minutes ago –55′ GOAL in the Club! 3-1

‘Samba, Sam Larsson makes his nickname proud. The Swedish goochelt on the dead ball line past an opponent and shoot from a difficult angle to hit home. He Bees the change of the ball of light in the direction of the head, it will probably be as an own goal by the university of Twente-the captain and the books go in.AZ-Heracles Almelo · 42 minutes ago –55′ GOAL in AZ! 1-0

In AZ, there has been a penalty, but is finally in the lead. How Koopmeiners kogelt the ball from the thigh bone of a Janis Blaswich, by the middle of the goal. It was the fourth goal of the season for the captain, all of them from the eleven-meter.Feyenoord-FC Twente-four hours geleden49′ Larsson will be a hell of a chance for his second goal. As he emerges, only to be hanged, but the Twente goalkeeper is in the way. We’re going to start us in the second half.AZ-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

Of the eight saves that Janis Blaswich for the rest, it had to carry out a preliminary seizoensrecord in the Premier league. Not in this year’s edition was a keeper, so much to do in the first half.Premier league one day ago

46′ Feyenoord, FC Twente and AZ-Heracles Almelo, are to be resumed. What is going on in the second half, the Rotterdam, and The Hague.Feyenoord, FC Twente and one from an hour ago

Sam Larson gestures to the crowd in The Cockpit. Thanks to a strict goal, the Swede is the Club at the end of the FC Twente will soon be over and the rest is on the lead (2-1).AZ-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

Oussama Idrissi frustrated after a wasted opportunity. AZ has a Janis Blaswich eight times to rescue innocent. Partly for this reason, holding Heracles to the accompaniment of some improvisation and the zero so far.AZ-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

Peace of mind! In The Hague, the teams with the tea. A-Z is a lot better than Heracles, but the power in spite of some of the big sides not to score.AZ-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden45+2′ It’s a-Z is short for rest, again is close to the opening goal. Place Idrissi airport that is close to the goal line of the goal, whipped in by Blaswich. E-the attacker will think that it is, but it is clear that the German-United-goalkeeper in time for the ball.AZ-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

Peace of mind! The teams in Rotterdam will find that the dry dressing. We’re going to lead the mid by 2-1 due to goals from Steven Berghuis and Sam Larson. In between, scores, Aitor Cantalapiedra, on behalf of the FC Region.AZ-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden43, ” How is it possible that it is not there? Bet The White one will come through the bar, for the whole of a Heraclied and the beam is just not good for the feet, still doing it. It is a-Z in this game.AZ-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden40, ” The luck of the Z with the injury to Gudmundsson that Stengs has come to liven up to make. A loud bang from a distance by Blaswich just under the crossbar from done.Feyenoord, FC Twente and one from an hour ago

Luis Sinisterra fly end, Sam Larsson to the body. The relief is the goal of the Club is huge, but there is still more than a half to play before the End, possibly good results can be a credit.Feyenoord-FC Twente-four hours geleden36′ Larsson turns, with two of panna’s past three opponents, but you will see the combination of Sinisterra will fail. The new post will have the after his goal on his hips.AZ-Heracles Almelo-one hour ago

33 ” A great opportunity for a Z right now. The first blast Idrissi over, then encounters still doing it on the Blaswich, then Idrissi again a moment later, the same thing happens to them. A-Z is by far the best, but still, it just can’t be found.Feyenoord, FC Twente and one from an hour ago

Aitor Cantalapiedra is a celebration of the second half. In the former, the first from Spain-a Premier league-scored in The Cockpit, since Manuel Sánchez Torres, on a day-after more than 35 years ago. Also, on the 30th of september, 1984 and was done on behalf of FC Twente, at that time, however, with a 5-3 lost.AZ-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geleden26′ tough Luck for AZ, where you, Albert, Gudmundsson, with a risk of injury in the field should be abandoned. Calvin Stengs in and will therefore take longer to play than a coach, He Finally had a thought and wanted to hear.Feyenoord-FC Twente-four hours ago –26′ GOAL in the Club! 2-1

There is the flexibility that we’re going to use. Luis Sinisterra lays the ball back to Sam, Larsson, and the Swede crosses His Devil on the edge of the sixteen, with a hard shot into the corner.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 2 hours ago –23′ GOAL for FC Twente. 1-to-1

One swallow does not make a summer, we once again see. Jens Toornstra with a terrible pass to get the ball in from FC Twente, and then it’s all involving the back from the Club. A simple combination of Haris Vuckic and Aitor Cantalapiedra, ensures that he is at the end on the scoreboard, it may bring about.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

23 In The Hague, breaks down midway through the first half of it, slowly but surely, in the sun, while in Rotterdam the sky is still grey and overcast. In the field, however, it is the other way around. In AZ it is difficult against a side-by-plays United, the Club is leading 1-0 against FC Twente.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

Steven Berghuis sprint, cheering after his goal. In the stands the fans to give it their all, while players from FC Twente, reports back.AZ-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours ago

A 14′ opening in The Hague, is, as expected, to the right. The Alkmaarders hunting for a quick lead, but the Almelo-wall has not yet been removed. Given the intensity of the program, it would be an early goal, however, is well out of the game Time Slot, but they are United, of course, is not to contribute to it.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 2 hours ago

What is one goal with a team, you can do it. Rick Karsdorp is celebrating with a festive after Steven Berghuis is on his for the opening goal to draw.Feyenoord-FC Twente · 2 hours ago there isa 6′ GOAL in the Club! 1-0

A droomstart for the Team. Rick Karsdorp intercepted a weak pass at the height of the vertical center line and the forwards Steven Berghuis at a deep level. The vleugelaanvaller cut inside and shoot hard, find the ball. The goal is to celebrate it, he asks the whole team to the other. The group is good for the Team.Feyenoord-FC Twente · a 2-hour geledenDe start to the season by the Team is not very good, to name a few. The People are frustrated by the practices of today?

For each other and for each other. 🔴⚪️⚫️


AuteurFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of plaatsen16:48 am – september 29, 2019Eredivisie · a 2-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in Rotterdam, and The Hague, netherlands, for the final two matches of the eighth round of the Premier league in the first place.FC Utrecht-Willem II · 2 hours ago

With a big smile, and in the FC Utrecht captain William Thompson. Its poeg wins for the first time since november 29, 2015 (4-2 against Heracles Almelo after the red, before Kevin Conboy on a 0 to 1-down) in a Premier league match following a red card in case of a tie or a deficit.Club · 2 hours ago

This is Premier league, Sunday will be concluded with Feyenoord, FC Twente and AZ-Heracles Almelo. Both in Rotterdam and in The Hague, it rains a lot, so we have to prepare for two of the pots were also better than expected. At 16.45 hours, will kick off The first of the Cars in the Jeans Arena.FC Utrecht-Willem II · 2 hours ago

Ten, Utrecht beat Willem II in the final
FC Utrecht wins with a hard fought victory against Willem II stays in the end. Due to a red card for Leon Guwara to play for the Domstedelingen, nearly one-half with a man less and less. Later on, by one ” William Jannses (three minutes, for a period of time), and Gyrano Church on the fourth minute of the injury time winner in Utrecht, however, in their own home by 2-0, the people of tilburg.PEC Zwolle-PSV · 2 hours ago

PSV’s half, over and along THE
PSV eindhoven has set itself up with a 4-0 victory to stay at PEC Zwolle back in addition to Ajax, nested-to-head in the Premier league. The Locals have a long time is difficult for the home side, but on the day of a big victory. Pablo Rosario is breaking the spell for five minutes before the break, after the break run Donyell Malen, Ritsu Doan and Ben Gutiérrez, the score and more.PEC Zwolle-PSV · 2 hours ago90+4′ GOAL to PSV! 0 to 4

It is a big victory for PSV. Xavier Mous can be a bet on Donyell Times is still the times, but then the ball is right in front of the feet, as Erick Gutiérrez. The Mexican just need the last kick to give them. Immediately after the match is blown off.FC Utrecht-Willem II · 2 hours ago90+4′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 2-0

Over in Utrecht, the netherlands. William II, could not walk, and FC Utrecht’s turn to be in the tegenstoot. Giovanni Troupée puts in a rebound at the foot of the Gyrano the Church, which is not too much trouble to get the game to permanently make your mind up.PEC Zwolle-PSV · 2-hour geleden88′ this is THE almost the eretreffer. Saymak puts the ball on the head of the exposed Hammer, but that will bend the ball next to it. That had to be in the olympics, it’s the ACADEMY, however, will not be allowed.FC Utrecht-Willem II · 2 hours ago –87′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! 1-0

The Utrechtste ten is in the lead! Willem Janssen, and floats beautifully in a distant free-kick and blasts an equally nice touch and in the far corner. The leader of the team, here are three hard-won points to give? It looks like it very much.PEC Zwolle-PSV · 3 hours geleden81′ Gakpo can do all of this even worse for the ACADEMY, but he does not look good with his suit, and producing, therefore, a poor rollertje, which can easily be taken up by the Mous.PEC Zwolle-PSV · 3 hours geledenEen the first time in Ritsu Doan. He is the first Japanese man, who, on behalf of PSV eindhoven scored in the Premier league and the first Asian to end, on behalf of the Locals, since the Park Ji-sung on the 22nd of september, 2013 and scored against Ajax.

1 – Ritsu Doan became the first Japanese player to score for @PSV eindhoven in the Eredivisie. Unique.


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