‘Robin She held for the county’s agent in the Village’

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‘Robin She held for the county’s agent in the Village’

The 29th of september, 2019 20:31
29-09-19 at 20:31
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Actress as Robin, She would be in the night from Saturday to Sunday, have been detained in the Netherlands because of the abuse of a police officer.

According to the News is apparent from the images, and the testimony of eye-witnesses, that she, the agent, beetpakte and, several times, hard, in the face of the campaign. The police department took over the former Good Times, the Bad Times,and actor, then take it to the office.

The police have confirmed that on the night of Saturday the 27-year-old woman has been arrested in the Netherlands for assaulting a police officer. The police, however, does not imply a judgment about the other’s identity, but, according to the News , it is clear that the 27-year-old She is.