PSV’s defending half took the lead with PEC Zwolle

fe92f3f80bfa342b472c0691638cd056 - PSV's defending half took the lead with PEC Zwolle

PSV’s defending half took the lead with PEC Zwolle

The 29th of september, 2019 11:55 pm
29-09-19 11:55 pm
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With RKC Waalwijk-Vitesse (1-2), PEC Zwolle, PSV, FC Utrecht and Willem II (both of which started at 14: 30 h), the AZ-Heracles Almelo and Feyenoord-FC Twente (16.45), there are Sunday’s five-match Premier league programme. To follow this liveblog.

Good afternoon, and welcome to this liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the Premier league today.

  • LIVE:
  • PEC Zwolle-PSV eindhoven 0-1
  • FC Utrecht-Willem II 0-0
  • Program:
  • AZ-Heracles (16.45)
  • Feyenoord-FC Twente (16.45)
  • Results:
  • RKC-Vitesse 1-2

A 3-minute geleden49′ the ACADEMY is going through in the first half, started off with was very good at it. The effort of the Saymak bounces just in front of.A 4-minute geleden51′ , Red for FC Utrecht. In the second half and almost the whole of the second half with a man less and less to play with. Leon Guwara loses it, but tries to still get a tackle in. Therefore, the arm is too high, and he was with a straight leg, Freek Heerkens (knee-length). After the referee’s Count, the images are once upon a time, once looked back, he was no different than the red pull.A 5-minute geleden47′ Ihattaren a quick goal on his mind, but the effort from the midfielder, however, what is a better school than this one. The ball flies high over it.A 6-minute geledenDe the players of FC Twente, to inspect, in the field and in The Cockpit, that’s because of the rain, soaking wet, and very slippery.

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AuteurFC TwenteMoment of plaatsen15:32 am – september 29, 20197-minute geleden46 The second half in both Zwolle and Utrecht have started. In the second half to have more goals than just the one on the Rosary?An 8-minute geledenKrijgt that is a good start to the season, starting from 16.45 hours, a follow up against Heracles Almelo?

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🔛 , AZ has the best start of the season in 2011.
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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen15:27 – 29 september 201915-minute geledenZoals in the last couple of weeks and the usual one, to play in AZ today, too, ‘at home’, in Cars, Jeans, home Stadium of ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. Heracles is blessed with the memo is that it must be going to The Hague instead of amsterdam.

How️, The Cars, The Jeans Stadium


AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen14:51 am – september 29, 2019PEC Zwolle-PSV · 18 hours ago

The players of the pitch to celebrate with the opening goal from Pablo Rosario. The goal of the leader is to be one of the rare highlights of the first half.22 hours ago

Peace of mind! Also, in the city of Zwolle, the players with the sliced oranges. THE football is very nice with it, but it is a goal of Pablo Rosario, however, with the 0-1 behind against PSV eindhoven.24 minutes ago

Peace of mind! FC Utrecht and Willem II in the locker room, in The Galgenwaard stadium. The two teams will not score a goal in the first 45 minutes.30 minutes ago –39′ GOAL in PSV’s! From 0 to 1

More or less, out of nothing, is the PSV in the lead. Bruma puts the ball on the edge of the sixteen, where the Hall of the Rosary can be generated. The attempt of the leader appears to be sustainable, but Also Mous is surprised by the ball away on the wet grass. A handful of on the net, it is not enough to get the ball out of the net to keep up. PSV’s results in spite of a difficult first half, Zwolle, the netherlands.31 minutes geleden37′ Baumgartl, with a sliding tackle just in time to prevent the Johnson-only at-Sweet goes up or down. THE handles still have the perfect plan to combat ADVANTAGE.36 minutes ago

Reza Ghoochannejhad in the game with Nick Viergever. In the busy rush of THE topper of the defender of PSV still have the nasty in the afternoon and had just been to the opening goal on his shoe.A 38-minute geleden30′ What a great opportunity for the ACADEMY! It is a mistake in the build-up to the pitch, which Ghoochannejhad, in the face of Sweet, brings. The keeper, who saves his team with a great camera.A 40-minute geleden27′ Bergwijn rushes over to Hammer, who is on the emergency brake pull. That’s an early yellow card for the gelegenheidsrechtsback in Zwolle, which is still more than an hour to cope with the fast-PSV attackers.The 42-minute geleden26′ Dumfries is fully committed to flown in a delicate cross from the Ihattaren. Play and blasts it with a meter next to it.The 43-minute geleden24′ PEC Zwolle is at least the equal of MANU, in the first quarter of the race. The home team will provide the Locals a lot of work, both in front and in the back. In particular, Johnson is on the left side a couple of times over slipped in Dumfries.the one-hour geleden23′ Thy try to be Sweet to surprise them with a attempt from distance. The synthetic turf will receive the ball in a tricky encounter, but the PSV goalkeeper catches the ball without a problem.the one-hour geleden19 ” for PSV it’s a good thing Viergever, with the head separating the two of you, if Ghoochannejhad can be the opening goal inside. The main reason for the point of all of that losing, of hour ago

The match between FC Utrecht and Willem II as THE RANGE is not specified by the fireworks to start. Both teams are playing sloppy at the other, it is very difficult to.the one-hour geleden16 Also Times allows himself to be seen. The top scorer of the Premier league is trying it for the ball. The shot is in good focus, but it lacks the power to make Mous to the man.the one-hour geleden14 The very first warning of the pitch is from the bottom of Ihattaren. The shot of the young man you have touched it, and it is, therefore, more difficult than I thought to Mous, but the keeper has the ball in two of the instances klemvast.the one-hour geleden13 Light of the panic in the PSV defence after a ball from Johnson get caught in between Viergever, and Ghoochannejhad. The Iranian, however, may have been on foot, not at the ball, to the consternation and to take advantage of.the one-hour geleden10′ BACKLINE has a problem with the ACADEMY, which is currently fighting for every meter. The Locals are not yet through, while the home team is not bad hour ago

The hard artificial turf for Mustafa Saymak of the start of a tough slide out of them.the one-hour geledenZo came to PEC Zwolle and PSV eindhoven in the field.

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AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen14:30 pm – september 29, 2019één hours geleden3′ Clement and the Rosary come out hard in the cups against each other. The two midfielders can break up further.the one-hour geleden1, ” There is the potential to the fields in the Galgenwaard stadium in Utrecht, the netherlands and the MAC3Park in Zwolle, the netherlands. FC Utrecht-Willem II and PEC Zwolle-PSV eindhoven have been onderwegéén hours ago

In this field you’ll receive PEC Zwolle in a few minutes ADVANTAGE. In the field, it is very, very hard, up to god’s Mark van Bommel. “I’m not going to work”, he shows that the PSV coach is not a fan of artificial grass. “This is matt, there is a couple of years, and it is all the way flat down. It looks like concrete.”one day ago

Van Bommel is defending switch player
Mark van Bommel will choose against PEC Zwolle for the same united from PSV eindhoven against Ajax. “I don’t plan ahead, and in doubt about the set-up. That’s right, you think about it, and do you want to be on auto-pilot,” said the coach of the Locals, which is not a one time, two of the men at the front, one behind the other, the same elf is allowed to start. “We have so much quality that we will be able to rotate. I can pick and choose what I need to do to have it. If you can explain to the other kids, that’s not a problem. You would like to support it, but if anyone knows what they are supposed to do, you can get exchange when you have a lot of games to play.”one hour ago

1 – stoke city have just one point after eight league games, their fewest in any Premier league season at this stage. Glued to your computer screen.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen14:12 – september 29, 20192 hours ago

After a very experience, with just one point from eight matches-the worst Premier league start ever.2 hours ago

Ten Short just past his side
Thanks to a 1-2 win at RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands maintains the Speed set in the top of the list. The people from arnhem have been a lot better than the weak, playing the Waalwijkers, but in the second half to be difficult, since Julian Lelieveld red, and the discomfort it causes. The took advantage of a penalty from the Same Incident, put his side in addition to Speed, and Nouha Dicko on the edge is coming. Vitesse will win in the end anyway, thanks to a penalty kick by Oussama Tannane.A 2-hour geleden90′ for his side, squeezing there for a final assault, but it seems to be too late to get to the Waalwijkers. In the Short-to defend anyone with power over others.2 hours ago

The players Sprint to celebrate the 1-2. As for his side with a man for a little cooking, the people from arnhem, despite the unexpectedly tough second half with three points in the home.2 hours ago

Oussama Tannane set Speed through an entire penalty shootout and again in the lead. It was his first goal for the people from arnhem and a significant one.2 hours ago –77′ GOAL is Speed! 1-2

The ten Short-get a head start. Oussama Tannane to shoot the ball and is pure enough to be in the corner ‘ Etienne Vaessen has to be right. The people from arnhem to win at ondertal winning? It’s still a quarter of an hour to pull in the men, Leonid Slutsky.A 2-hour geleden76’ Kick and Speed! The value it gives to Publish and to know that the offense isn’t really in the was sixteen years of age. The ball goes to the corner and Tannane gets in behind the ball.A 2-hour geleden75-Again-claims to be Tannane with a free kick. To publish a flute, this time for a criminal offense, but is that just out of the box, it is made of. Now that the VSA have a look.A 2-hour geleden72′ Hey, it is Tannane, there will not just be down gekegeld in the r-rated due to Trade? To publish and find that it is not enough for a penalty, and the VAR grips are also not to anger by Leonid Slutsky. The Speed-coach is able to stamping on the side.2 hours ago

Julian Lelieveld leaves with a mixture of anger and disbelief on the face of the field after his yellow card. Since then, the match is completely off kilter, all of his ten remaining team mates on the field, there is still a little out of it.A 2-hour geleden66 After a botched free kick by Tannane is all the way open at Speed. His side is doing, however, there is little in the tegenstoot, and to see, ultimately, Daneels, high on fire. The virtue of the people from arnhem is that they are still waiting for the profits to go, but that’s such a smart policy?A 2-hour geledenIn the netherlands, she, Ryan, Thomas, had not been forgotten. In the final Premier league match of the New Zealanders played and he is still in the t-shirt from the ACADEMY, shortly after his move to PSV last year, he got a severe injury. He’s going up against his old team, making his debut for his new team?

Look who we have there. Welcome back, Zwolle, the netherlands, @RyanThomas_30. #pecpsv #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen13:17 – september 29, 20192 pm geledenIn it occurs in the PEC, about an hour’s time at PSV eindhoven. Mustafa Saymak is the start for the first time since his return to the base, which means That the Hammer again to play, it is.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: Mous; Hammer, Lachman, Kersten, Van Wermeskerken; Saymak, Thy, Clement; Bel Hassani, Ghoochannejhad, Johnson.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: #pecpsv #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen13:30 pm – september 29, 20192 pm geleden61 ” Because it is the first real chance for his side to start to come out. Trade will be cut away, and gets his toe against the ball, which, however, is straight at Pasveer is in.A 2-hour geleden57 ” The ondertalsituatie requires, in Short-a coach, Leonid Slutsky, to be a tactical switch. It is, interestingly enough, the leader of the Bryan Linssen, who is the target, and out to the side. For him, it is He Dasa that it was only this week that she arrived in the netherlands, in the field.2 hours ago

PSV’s coach, Mark van Bommel will choose against PEC Zwolle for the familiar names are at the base. Mohammed Ihattaren play on ten, Steven Bergwijn will start from the left and scored Donyell Malen, of course, in the rush hour traffic.

Preparation of PSV: Cute; Dumfries, Baumgartl, Viergever, Sadílek; Rosario, Ihattaren, Hendrix; Bruma, on several Occasions, Bergwijn.2 hours ago53′ GOAL for his side! 1-to-1

The ramp for the Speed, it is for the Same time of the Incident, shoot the kick hard and high in the middle of it. What is a trouble-free afternoon for Short, seemed to be, and now it is turned into a dramatic battle.A 2-hour geleden51′ Red for Short! To publish remains with the decision, and it is even the icing on the cake! Lelieveld will receive an immediate red card for the offense, because he did not have any intention to play the ball.Back to top

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