New music-Jo Vally

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Jo Vally is a real artist with the golden voice, is considered to be. Valley fourth, in the last years of his 40-year career as an artist, and it’s safe to say that wherever he goes, and is are the rooms and the tents are still filling up nicely, as if they were the golden years of the Ten-in Order To See the time, never stopped.

Almost a year ago, according to Jo Vally of its anniversary year with a spectacular concert in the Kursaal of Ostend of which he was a 22-piece pop-concert orchestra, on the stage and brought neither money nor effort were spared. As a result of it’s the end of Jo’s season will be published on 11 October, a the.s. a live CD+DVD album, with the highlights of this unique concert, both on CD and DVD. The track listing on the CD, there are 3 bonussongs, including the latest single, ” When the doubts are gone,’! On the DVD we have 3 out of Jo’s best video clips, is back from his most recent body of work.