Charlotte Campion, Juan Gerlo star in Bonnie & Clyde

85705c243df4a7d41e660b356f543669 - Charlotte Campion, Juan Gerlo star in Bonnie & Clyde

Since this is the weekend of the show, “Bonnie & Clyde” will be shown at the Zuiderpershuis. This is a musical with a 9-piece live band was festive at the premiere on Saturday the 28th of september, amid great attention from the press and invited guests. Charlotte Campion, Juan Gerlo will play the lead roles, accompanied by a 30-piece ensemble. To the general public, this is a special musical show at the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp, belgium.

When Bonnie & Clyde meet, their mutual desire for excitement and glory, will become clear. On their dangerous adventures in the quest for a better life for their exciting adventure in a nightmare for them and all of their friends. The law threatens them, so that they will fall victim to the risk of their own personal ambitions. Through the murder and the robbery, they are trying their heads above water and to keep the law to them threatens to catch up with. How famous they are, the closer to death it seems, and much more.