But hit Etienne in the heart at the groepsdate Farmer Seeks Wife

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The farmers are one step further in the quest to find love. After the speed date they picked their five favourite singles and those that may be on the 30th of september at the groepsdate. The nerves are some of them high-strung. That is, they can but it’s best to be the boss, because there’s a lot at stake. At the end of the day, choose to each and every farmer and indeed, the three men with whom he or she is the best, then did. Who are the three, may it to Canada (Stephen), Finland (Marianne), and Bulgaria (Victor), Germany (Gerard), and Country (: Etienne).
Etienne invites all girls to a yoga session, and then will be moved to tears when one of his women to him, right in the heart, and knows how to hit it.

Marianne was going to go kayaking with her men:
“On a date, I’ve never actually done it, and all of a sudden you’re on the groepsdate. A first time for everything.”
Remko, one of her male admirers, has to be her decision: “I am pleased that there is now a choice will be made for the practice of polygamy is not my thing at all (laughs)”.
Stephen teaches the ladies are fly and test to see if there are butterflies in the air during a hoogteparcours. And if Gerard’s going on a wagon ride, while the Victor is going to be sailing.