Ronny Daelman, start with the new season of “point of View”

40b0b401eeafebd8d6dbef246ebec61d - Ronny Daelman, start with the new season of "point of View"

As of Sunday morning’s “point of View” back to your regular appointment, HE was in for more of the background and the background to the current situation. Ronny Daelman invites around his table again, and interesting guests for an in-depth discussion.

“In the first” point of View ” this fall, we have, of course, about the launch of the new Flemish Parliament. An extraordinary, without Septemberverklaring of the government. As for now, there is a Flemish government. In addition, there are, of course, also in economics, culture and sport on offer. And we have to organise a tête-à-tête between 2 (inspiring entrepreneurs”, what it sounds like.

Each week, the “point of View” as a guest in a company, or a centre of excellence. This week is Camp c, a centre for sustainable construction and housing of the province. And durability, that is, of course, means innovation. And how innovative we can be, it will be immediately apparent. As for the Camp C, they even have a house … on the screen. The discussietafel of that, HE is in the middle of a giant 3-d printer.

“Point of view” it is Sunday morning at 10: 30 a.m., on RADIO and television. Reps will get you around 13: 30, 17h15 and 23h30.