Enjoying the build a second theme park in Poland, near Warsaw

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Majaland Kownaty, the first Polish-Enjoying the park, and a year after the opening of a report. The goals have been achieved, and second, the extra investment phase eur 20 million, is already under way. The shareholders of Momentum’s Capital and is of the Enjoying the Group, to announce a year later to work and to invest. The new park will be located in the Polish capital under the title: “Majaland Warsaw. It’s going to be an investment of 30 million euros.

At the end of september 2018, with opening of Momentum’s Capital and is of the Enjoying the Group, with great interest, is the first Plopsa park in Poland, on the border with Germany, near Berlin, in Majaland Kownaty. The investors wanted this, especially the omission of vrijetijdsbestemmingen to their families in Poland to fill in. The goal of 250.000 visitors a year once open, easily obtained. The EBITDA in the first year amounts to as much as 40%. Two-thirds of the visitors came from Poland, while a third, from just over the border from Brandenburg and Berlin are to come.

At present, there are in Majaland Kownaty is a second investment phase, where once again, 20 million euros have been invested. In the first part of the investment, which is a wooden roller coaster, which is 7.5 million euros this summer. Following the summer opening of the new zone, Wickieland, an investment of € 7.5 million. In view of the enormous success of Majaland Kownaty, are proud to announce Momentum’s Capital, and Enjoying a second theme park in Poland. The land was purchased from the Ceetrus: the owner, the manager and the commercialiseerder of Auchan malls and retail parks.

Martijn van Rheenen, director of the Dutch Momentum Capital, is pleased with the results: “We are proud to work together with the Enjoying the Group, and after a year, this is to be achieved, and this success can be expanded by the realization of Majaland Warsaw, and once again, millions of people will be within easy reach. In addition, we are very grateful for the co-operation with the Ceetrus, which provides a great opportunity for shopping and entertainment should be combined. This is an important step in the building up of a portfolio of theme parks in a country where parks are a rare, but highly valued”.