Triggerfinger stops

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Ruben Block, Paul Van Bruystegem and Mario Goossens, putting a temporary end Triggerfinger, the group will take a break for at least two years.
The group has been for over 12 years, but not least, the tour, and it weighs on the players. This year’s fourth of Triggerfinger their twentieth anniversary with an exciting new tour, their last. The group was ready to rest, a rest that they have earned. “We’ll be there all three agree on is that we earned the rest after the hectic years in which we have lived”, we will see on Friday, in The Latest News. “Because of our break, we are now in a position to have our own projects to pursue. But take it from me, we are anyway planning to do so in order to make music. It’s not because we are saying that we will have a rest stop, we got out of each other. Break up is not an issue”, says the Triggerfinger.

The group scored a the end of 20 years, a lot of hits in Flanders and far beyond. With, inter alia, “All this dancin’ around” and “the Perfect Match” were she in the hitparad. However, their biggest hit was, without a doubt, “I Follow Rivers”, is a song that is in the world for a lot of success is made.