Spouse Koen Wauters is the new challenge

f5bb5832b9d27c1d8f5ac873a98694c7 - Spouse Koen Wauters is the new challenge

Valerie De Booser took a couple of months ago, good-bye to her clothing store Histoires de Femmes. “I wanted to get back,” she said at the time. However, her love for fashion, it would never stop, and that proves to be the new challenges that comes on…

The wife of Koen Wauters will be a model for the Close-Up-shops, Katja Retsin for many years, the image was made. In the meantime, the buildings have been built for a while, run by Babs, sister-in-law, Katja, and she picked up, Was that The Booser is under the arm, as the new model for the retail stores.