New single ‘ Air Traffic

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With the release of their debut album ‘Fractured Life’ in 2007 and earned the band a best group of fans and gave them an enthusiastic critique of the NME, The Fader, and one of The Sunday Times. The British quartet were on your hands carried by radio station Studio Brussel & MUSIC of singles like ‘Shooting Star’, the ‘Time Goes By’, ‘Charlotte’ & ‘No More Running Away’ are anthems that are loud and were sung in many of the Belgian festivals like Rock Werchter festival (four times!) & Are coming. Belgium accepted to the group, and the mutual love which resulted in a gold album as well.

In the meantime, there is quite a bit of water to the ocean of things have been written, and it has Air Traffic with a new single ‘Ocean of Life’.
Chris Wall, the singer of the band refers to in the ‘Ocean of Life’, to his childhood, which he mostly spent in boats, and how the ‘life’ of him, metaphorically, after his journey through the music. The ‘magic moments’ (cf. ‘ see ‘the heavens that rise, phosphorescent trails in the pale moonlight”) was in stark contract to the ups-and-downs in his personal life. Doubt and fear were always a constant theme in Chris’s life. But, in the end, the song has a positeve vibe to it, even in the times when the Wall itself to be ‘influenced’ by the emotional excesses, as well as challenges.