Lindsay and Bart and Herman would say, “The clock is ticking’

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After the Grab, but my hand is up with Lissa, Lewis, has introduced Him to Bart to Herman, the much talked-about new single ‘The clock starts ticking by. “Robert has been not only a sympathetic fellow artist, and the songs he creates and the lyrics that he writes, will always have a strong message and content. He was excited and I saw it immediately sitting down to work on ‘come Together’, my recently released duets album. I have my own home coffee, and a few hours later, it was the sequel to ” The clock is ticking in my mailbox. I fell in love with it, and, like Bart, it’s gone, we’ve recorded”, says Lindsay.

“I sat down with Him in the office, and as we were talking, pulled up her young daughter Lisa Marie to the fore. In my mind was the thought of what the future can we offer you? We often live in a world where it’s all about “us,” without regard for the future and for the generations that will come after us. On the road to the house is growing, the idea of it and when I got home, I picked up my guitar and rolled back the text out of it. We will be singing on an island that is being swallowed up by the waves, and effectively, in a couple of weeks after the shooting, it was the Brazilian rain forest is on fire, and there is now a village under a mudslide buried. We must, indeed, have a think about how we will be able to cope with the climate, and that is the focus of this actualiteitsliedje, which we refer to as the klimaatjongeren on the street, and the old screen, the face, and the current Ukrainian president, Zelenski,” says Bart Herman).