Botoxparty with all the trimmings, in Monacovrouwen

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Atoessa is a hard-working woman, but she also has the occasional need for a bit of relaxation. Therefore, it arranges them tomorrow and as usual have a good time with friends, champagne, and … the botox. “I started two years ago with the botox. I had no wrinkles, but I’m just starting to get wrinkles is to avoid it,” says Atoessa. And, of course, her best friend, and a successful make-up artist and Joe, not to be missed. In addition to Monacovrouw Atoessa he takes care of the look and feel of Kylie Jenner, and princess Charlene, Gigi Hadid, and many other famous celebrities.

In the second episode, we are also a business-woman, Anne-Françoise know each other. She lost her husband, took care of his business and is now living with her three children in a dramatic Monaco grand prix. Anne-Françoise has been a pittge lady: “once in a while I’ll go just for the pleasure of popping in with my bright yellow Porsche Carrera. I do, however, have a little bit of adrenaline is needed. That is, such as drugs, healthy, no drugs.”

Sylvie talks candidly about her accident, “I ended up in a gas explosion to go. So I have a forty percent-is burned in my face, arms, hands, and feet.”

The perfect mix of humor, bling, bling, and pain narratives.

Monacovrouwen Friday, 20.35 FIVE