The Voice candidate is sick and tired of

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Janna Salhoume, that is, three years ago, the big eyes, and threw it in The Voice Of Flanders), it is in the way. Tired of the city, and the government has nothing to do with the many break-ins in cars on the road are in the park position. The singer is up for the third time in two months, the victim of a car break-in, and was insanely bored, actually.

“I’m in love, from Brussels, belgium. I’m fond of it. But my love is changing more and more into anger and frustration. In less than two months time, there are no less than three times, broken into my car. I say again, 3 times in a 2 month period of time. That means, each and every time a pane of glass in a thousand pieces on the floor and personal belongings that are stolen are traces of blood on the seats, but the most important thing: time and time again, that feeling of helplessness and frustration. Three times I was in tears on the street. Feel helpless,” adds Janna from the start.