The start of the delivery of the Winners

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This is going to be, maybe you have to be the hardest challenge you’ve ever done.” With the warning that begins, Koen Wauters, the slotaflevering of Winners. Therein he invites all, not only the victor, Spike, but it is also his best friend, Lena, off to face the challenge of their lives. They have to struggle every day with the physical effects of a car accident, but it will get the chance to make their dream come true: along the great Wall of China to climb up.

The accident occurred on Willow, and She happened to be at a new year’s eve about 10 years ago. She was left with chronic pain of the back, Um, is almost completely paralysed and wheelchair-bound. A year prior to their injury, right after their 6th high school, the two together for the first time on the trip. In stapvakantie in France, the locks, they made a pact to someday, along with the great Wall of China to get off. The pact was due to the accident, was abruptly broken. Of the Winners wants to be Daring along with them and still worship him.