Studio Brussel-dj-month battle

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On Saturday night, between 20 and 22 hours of enjoy, a lot of people each and every week, from the music, the DJ Black Mamba on the radio station Studio Brussel will. The Black Mamba – Noena This is her real name – takes off Saturday each week, with a mix of hip-hop, afrobeat, r&b, and tropical vibes, and make-up. However, the next weeks will be for the listeners to miss out on, please let the dj know about it.

“About a week ago, I have acute tinnitus, sustained. I am now in treatment and, in addition to a cortisone treatment will I need for 10 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to follow,” he writes Noena is on Facebook. Until the end of next week, every day, for a period of 90 minutes in a tank at high pressure, in which 100% oxygen is inhaled. “My doctor knew me well, to tell you that in the next month, “silence”, it should stay there. That is to say, that I have all of my DJ bookings and radio show on Studio Brussels for the month and have to cancel”, you hear the sound of it.
Noena don’t even understand that this was just her impression, time and again, it carries on the custom-made ear plugs in as a dj on the stage. But even if they go to an event is the frequency of the altitude to go, she has her custom made ear-plugs in. But it should not have been, since early in the week, she tinnitues, an annoying whistling in the ear. During the day, you will notice very little, because there will always be ambient noise, but once you’re in bed, take that beeping sound in the upper hand. “Our hope is that this is just a warning and a temporary one, but the idea is that I would have permanent tinnitus, and let stand, undisturbed, listening to music, or running, it makes me very scared,” admits Noena is increasing.