Perform dangerous stunts with a blindfold on, in the third audition of Belgium’s Got Talent

6d15133df6bc8a03113bf8d315d541f5 - Perform dangerous stunts with a blindfold on, in the third audition of Belgium's Got Talent

In the second auditieaflevering which was followed by 871.000 viewers, for a 46% share of the market (VVA 18-54, with a live+4) – led Carl and Laura are in for the surprise of the night by a football player, Younes returned to the stage and gave him their Golden Buzzer to give. Dancing, friends, Beyoncé and the Spice made it thanks to the viewers directly, by looking to the studioshows. In the third episode, on Friday the 27th of september, are a lot of different candidates, eager to bring their talent to the show.

Dance and The Movement Theory (17-23, Brussels, belgium) brings together dancers from different crews together. They don’t have a specific style, but to create their works based on their own experiences. An Lemmens is a have been simply paralyzed: “This is something we have never seen before”. Unique in Belgium’s Got Talent, and is also the travestiegroep Mask’ara (39 to 50, Antwerp, b), which is stand-up comedy is doing. “We would like to atmosphere to ensure no feathers or glitter, and glamour, as they say themselves. However, the general public and, especially, the judges are expected to smile and laugh?

The Illusionist Nikolini (25, Zandhoven) at the beginning of the act immediately to a problem: “I got my assistant to be lost,” he said. He is able to make her out to be magic? Jens admits that he’s a superfan, it is not facts, but Nikolini is also an impression on him. Impressive is the least you can say that about Turnclub Athena (11-27, Sint-Amandsberg). They combine dance, tumbling, resulting in a break-neck steps and formations, and they are blindfolded and running. “But it is a sport, reading a story, they’ll tell you themselves.

The birthday of Lisa, Andreina (21, Opoeteren) you can’t go wrong. Not only to treat Carl and Laura, for her to make a cake, she’s also a self-written number on her piano and on all fours. “And singing is the loveliest thing I have to do it,” she says. They also have a nice gift from the judges? Also, Jens Dendoncker is already thinking about his next birthday party. “I want to take you right to books”, he said to her and Mark. Under the name Time Travelers (30 and 39, Sint-Truiden, belgium), the two members of the time to find the best pictures from the 50’s to the 90’s together to throw one spectacular medley.