Beyonce calls daughter a ‘cultural icon’ in the case naamgebruik Blue Ivy

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Beyonce calls daughter a ‘cultural icon’ in the case naamgebruik Blue Ivy

September 26, 2019 08:05 pm
26-09-19 08:05 pm
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Beyoncé Knowles will still be the name of her seven-year-old daughter and brand-name registration, despite the fact that a weddingplannerbureau by the name of Blue Ivy Events, trying to hold back. In rechtsbankdocumenten, who is in charge of The Shoot, the singer, stating that her daughter was a ‘cultural icon’ is.

The singer is already seven years have been involved in a lawsuit over the right to use the name of her daughter. The singer and Jay-Z that’s served shortly after the birth of the girl, make a request in order to Blue Ivy as a brand name to register it is because they have a line of clothing for babies and wanted to start over.

According to Veronica Morales, the president of the company, it was all in the name of Blue Ivy Events prior to, the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z was born. The American singer, who, in the name of her daughter should be registered as a trade mark, is said to be Blue Ivy in a ‘cultural icon’ and it is disputed whether the merknaamregistratie be confusing to potential customers, for the company, including Morales, have previously argued.