A new single, Compact, Disk, Dummies, by Tom Barman

a077321c212f2dba6741c7573f94ae3f - A new single, Compact, Disk, Dummies, by Tom Barman

Compact Disk Dummies is a new song released, “Satellites”. Accompanied by the distorted 808-bass-and-roll livedrums, call “Satellites”, their brand new single after the success of “Cry For Me” it’s darkest, and dansbaarste of the Belgian EBM on it. “Satellites” is the title of the EP, who we are, in October, 2019 is not expected.

Lennert got the idea for the song is by a deepfake video, in which he came came: – “I saw a deepfake (it’s a very sophisticated forgery of the faces, with the help of AI, by David Bowie, which is a song from Rick Astley to sing, and schipperde for days and days, between excitement and fear, as if you were the origin of the bow and arrow in front of your eyes thing. With this feeling, I wanted to be in the lyrics for “Satellites” to start. Because the satellites are, for me, it is the epitome of this kind of technology is used by everyone to have a smart phone, you have to deal with at the same time, no one thought that these things are above your head, floating in the air.”