George’s Late-Night shows, VTM again to cross under the water

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If you’re a Jacky Lafon left, then you can not be in addition to ‘Zatte Rita’ need to be the creators of the Girl from a Late Night thought. On Tuesday, there was a movie in which William Karel Deruwe), Rob, Erik Goris), and Bert (Steven and The Lily of the valley), and Brenda (Vicky Versavel) were to be seen. All four of the characters have been dead for many years, George’s Late Night and I brought them back to life. And what do you find? Four dead characters have to work on the cruise boat that Rita has been years of work. In the film, will, Rita, suddenly, the phone on the doesn’t is, when Rita says that they have the records for George: Late Night working is a break in the doesn’t connect. And the Girl in Late Night, but a pitch is under water at the VTM, because of Annie Geeraerts last week not to go to George’s Late Night was allowed to come.