Effects due to generous profit-Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands

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Effects due to generous profit-Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands

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After the PSV-FC Groningen (3-1) earlier, Ajax, on Wednesday, in the second half, with Fortuna Sittard 5-0. You can follow any responses.

  • Premier league
  • Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, The Netherlands (5-0)
  • PSV-FC Groningen (3-1)

Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 3 hours ago

Promes: ‘Well, that I just three make
Quincy Promes was delighted with all his players at Fortuna Sittard, his value for the Ajax and the ability to prove it to you. “It’s good for me is that I have three of don”, yells the attacker on FOX Sports. “I’m eager, because I’ve had a difficult start to the Year. When I was in the base stand, I want to show you that I am of value to the team, and that came out in the second half.”Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 15-minute geledenQuincy Promes with his hat-trick following in the footsteps of Justin Kluivert and Daley Blind.

❌❌❌ – Born citizens of Amsterdam, with a hat-trick for Ajax in this century
2017 – Justin Kluivert
2018 – Daley Blind
2019 – @QPromes
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AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen22:39 am – september 25, 2019Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands · 25 minutes ago

Players Promes in the big win and Ajax
It is available in Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA, where Ajax after a poor first half, with large numbers of Fortuna Sittard to win: 5-0. Quincy Promes after having a rest for a hat-trick and the other goals have come in the name of David, Neres, and Cian Harries (own goal). The victory goes to Ajax-to-head in the Premier league. The team of coach Erik ten Hag has the same number of points as a player, but a better goal difference.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 26-minute geleden90 Also Tadic attempts a shot in the short corner, but once again, Koselev to the rescue. There will be two minutes of additional time.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands-a 30-minute geleden87′ Promes try it, but even from a distance, but in this case it has Koselev the ball klemvast.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 34-minute geleden83′ GOAL, and Ajax. 5-0

There is a number five for the Locals. Promes, making his third of the game by taking the ball easily past Koselev them.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · 36 minutes ago

It’s been a while, but with this little push helps, David Neres for the 2-0.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 38-minute geleden78 Third and final change with Ajax: perret neighbour Schuurs will take the place of the Sergiño Dest, so Joel Veltman can move up to the rechtsbackpositie.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 40-minute geleden77′ GOAL, and Ajax. 4-0

A little close to when the Locals due to an unfortunate own goal from Cian Harries to a 4-0 lead. The Dutch boss will give the ball a little bit in a header of the Gravenberch, and surprise, thus to his own goalkeeper.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden70 the ” Second bill of exchange in Ajax: the only seventeen-year-old Ryan, Gravenberch is replacing the main Stream.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden68′ GOAL, and Ajax.

After a period of time in which very little happens, and comes in Promes for the second time to score a goal. This time, use the Orange-international was the rebound after a shot distance from Razvan Marin is to be turned in by Koselev.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands one hour ago

Quincy Promes, celebrates his opening goal for Ajax amsterdam.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden53′ GOAL, and Ajax. 2-0

David Neres doubled up with a strange hit range. The attacker has to work the ball in from close after Ajax several times in this shot, and the ball is weggekopt by one of the supporters of Fortuna. In the end, a shot from Huntelaar in the Neres, and the Former gives the latter shade.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden52′ Luck won’t let himself be fooled by the tegendoelpunt. At My breaks through on the left, and, for, but, Onana intercepts the ball.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden50′ GOAL, and Ajax. 1-0

Five minutes after the break, it is the tap for the home team. Promes, who, in the first half, had a lot of chances got to shoot a simple touch after a cross from the left by Tadic.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands one hour ago

Nicolás Tagliafico play now to these wonderful caps once he was in the first half with a head injury suffered.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden47′ a little while after the rest, trying to Blind it, but even from far away. And the shot distance of the defender, and just next to it.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the one-hour geleden46′ in The second half, and it’s on its way, in Amsterdam, the netherlands. When Ajax takes over Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s place in Edson Álvarez.PSV-FC Groningen · one hour ago

Van Bommel: “If, however, that the bag of potatoes also played’
PSV-year-old Mark van Bommel speaks after the game against FC Groningen have been the surprise of the height difference in the team between the first and second half. “We had to get the rest completely in control’, says he is with FOX Sports. “We played a very, very good, very dominant, and with a lot of movement. After the break, we were very relaxed. We have members with a lot of needlessly losing the ball. It was almost as if they are all a sack of potatoes on their backs, and walked on to the football.”Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands one hour ago

Nicolás Tagliafico plays for his blood-stained face and with a turban on his head. Not long after, the Former with a swim cap on.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands one hour ago

It is quiet in the city of Amsterdam, where it is still 0-0 it is. Ajax creates the necessary opportunity, but Quincy Promes, the crosshair is not on a Thursday. On the other hand, it is Luck, twice is close to the opening goal.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden45+1 ” In the time of the first half of it is Luck again to be close to the 0 to 1. This time it’s going to be a hard shot by Felix Passlack is just next to it.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden42 ” And, once again, to dive for Promes in. After a superb long pass from David Neres, he was given the chance to get out of it, but it is Koselev get in the way.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden40 Again, the danger on the part of Promes. This time, shoot at the attacker from close in to the goal off a cross by Tagliafico, but Koselev with his foot to the rescue.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden37′ my god! Almost startling from 0 to 1 for Luck. Bassala Sambou is a storm on the enemy’s goal is down at the counter, omspeelt far been released for André Onana, and then shoot at the target, but Daley Blind, the ball wide.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden33 ” Ai! A nasty collision between Nicolas Tagliafico, and Stood by his Alexei Koselev. The Former needs to be as to the side because of a blood-stained face, and Koselev you can just continue.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

28, ” A little half-hour was played in Amsterdam, and Ajaxblijft to find the openingsdoelpunt. If it escapes Promes defence for Fortuna Sittard but it is his ball, and then a sharp and in front of.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden22′ my god! Ajax is about to come to ahead. Quincy Promes will get a lot of space to shoot, but the Fortuna keeper Alexei Koselev a great salvation, in the commitment of the vleugelaanvaller and to prevent the opening goal.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

It’s a remarkable moment in time prior to the competition, in the picture. The kick-off, walked about a bit of delay, because the fourth man is on the phone with the VAR.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden15 The first big chance for the Year. Quincy Promes gives you the ball in from the right, but Dusan Tadic is the headline then.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden8 In the opening stages of the game, it is still scanning. Ajax is what makes the game, but the defense Stood holding provisional status.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 2-hour geleden1, ” The fourth guy was on the phone, which makes the game slightly later, but the first part is on the way in to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The team of coach Erik ten Hag took the lead to take over of the pitch?PSV-FC Groningen · 2 hours ago

Rosario: ‘Major victory’
Pablo Rosario takes the victory over FC Groningen and a lot more important than the first competitietreffer for the ADVANTAGE. “I know what I can do, and I have the confidence and trust of the coach,” the midfielder, on FOX Sports. “I’ve tried to make it as sharp as possible, but the most important thing is that we won the game.”PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geledenDe players for a list of venues for the event. Ten minutes until kick-off in Amsterdam, the netherlands.

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AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen20:26 pm – september 25, 2019PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours ago

PSV eindhoven is beating FC Groningen in the make-up game
The final whistle sounds in Eindhoven, the netherlands. PSV beat FC Groningen 3-1, thanks to goals from Pablo Rosario, Using the Dumfries and Bruma. Ramon Pascal Lundqvist scored on the behalf of the visitors. The win goes to MANU for some hours-to-head in the Premier league.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden90+4′ GOAL to PSV! 3-1

In the injury time comes to Bruma from there, still playing, and will decide this race. In the first instance, it shall be the goal because of offside, disallowed, however, after the intervention of the VAR, that is, the goal was given.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden90′ BACKLINE continues to look to the figure 3-1, Steven Bergwijn, take the ball to the wrong with a long pass from the back. Also, the FC Groningen, is going to have to hunt down in the second half.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden88 ” At FC Groningen, does Joel Asoro’s official debut. The Swede, who is in the center of Swansea City, to replace Bart van Hintum. Player is Michal Sadílek a little later in the field, Olivier Boscagli.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden86′ Nick Viergever pops up in a corner and, suddenly, in front of The Padt, the goalkeeper of FC Groningen, responds in kind.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 3-hour geledenIn, the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff, ArenA, players start in their warm-up.

The Focus now.
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AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen20:13 – september 25, 2019PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden81 a little as ten minutes in the Philips Stadium. Soon after, the 2-1 is going to FC Groningen on the hunt for the second half, but after pulling MANU to the initiative and it will create some small business opportunities.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours ago

This shot is of Ramon Pascal Lundqvist is a FC Groningen back in the game.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden79 Second switch player: Bruma will be in the field to Learn Gakpo.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden70′ GOAL for FC Groningen! 2-1

Out of nowhere comes up to FC Groningen back in the game, after having been there for some time, very little is done in Eindhoven, the netherlands. Ramon Pascal Lundqvist is trying it on, just out of the sixteen, and then with the ball in the direction of be changed, and that the purpose of the pitch is.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden60′ for An hour was played at the Philips Stadion and the PSV still leads 2-0. After a phase in which FC Groningen and mainly with the ball, taking the team to the handle of the knife now in his hand. A lot of the big opportunities we’re after the rest not yet written.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 3-hour geledenFortuna Sittard, the netherlands will be shown with the following eleven, participated in the kick-off in Amsterdam, the netherlands.

My return after a suspension.
Angha miss the match due to injuries.
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AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen19:45 pm – september 25, 2019PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden59′ First-change player: Mohamed Ihattaren will take the place of Donyell Malen.PSV-FC Groningen · 3 hours geleden52 The first note after a rest on the side of the pitch. After a nice pass through the middle of Jorrit Hendrix is coming to the ball to Donyell Malen, but the attacker will see his efforts through to the finger tips of Sergio Padt is all about.Ajax-Fortuna Sittard · the 3-hour geledenDe players Fortuna Sittard, are now at the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

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