Dumfries is expanding ahead of PSV against FC Groningen, of

ca2e88cdbcf1e11747011b932e5b0293 - Dumfries is expanding ahead of PSV against FC Groningen, of

Dumfries is expanding ahead of PSV against FC Groningen, of

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In the connect to come on Wednesday, the two front-runners in the campaign. PSV eindhoven and FC Groningen is at 18: 30 started, then Ajax, at 20.45 hours, for their own public appearances at the laaggeklasseerde Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Follow our liveblog.

  • Premier league
  • LIVE: PSV-FC Groningen (2-0)
  • 20.45: Ajax-Fortuna

PSV-FC Groningen · * * * a few hours ago

The rest is in Eindhoven, where PSV eindhoven with a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Pablo Rosario, and want to know the Dumfries. FC Groningen, on the counter, and, occasionally, dangerous to come out, just before the break, close to the aansluitingstreffer with a free-kick on to the post by Ramon-Pascal Lundqvist.PSV-FC Groningen · 5 minutes to geleden44′ my god! There is almost aansluitingstreffer for FC Groningen in the netherlands. A free-kick from Ramon-Pascal Lundqvist bursts forth on to the post.PSV-FC Groningen · an 11-minute drive geleden38′ GOAL in PSV’s! 2-0

After a period of a few big opportunities will be created to double Using a Dumfries in the news. The right back gets up, gets the ball in the course of Donyell Times, and it passes by goalkeeper Sergio Padt into the ball.PSV-FC Groningen · 16-geleden32′ it’s a shadow of the side of the pitch. Ritsu Doan will get the chance to shoot, but he passes the ball next to it.PSV-FC Groningen · is a 17-minute geledenBas to Publish and share yellow out of Ajdin Hrustic, and that’s a jubileumkaart the referee out of the netherlands.

1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ – The goal is for Ajdin Hrustic was the 1000th card, which is Bas Nijhuis form in the Premier league. Of all the active referees was Kevin Blom (1152) one way or another. #PSVGRO #Premier league


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen19:01 pm – september 25, 2019PSV-FC Groningen · 20 minutes geleden28′ half An hour played in Eindhoven and PSV is leading with 1-0. After the opening goal the home team to take it easy and you will get the most of the threat of the football club FC Groningen, and that there will be dangerous comes out.PSV-FC Groningen · 26 minutes geleden22′, FC Groningen, benefits and almost some negligence in the defense of a player, but Charlison Benschop touches the ball.PSV-FC Groningen · 29 minutes ago

PSV eindhoven celebrates with the opening goal from Pablo Rosario, who for the first time, he’s playing in the Premier league.PSV-FC Groningen · the 34-minute geleden14, ” The first danger is from FC Groningen in the netherlands. Mike te Wierik can be provided at the second pole, and just tap to shoot and after a free-kick.PSV-FC Groningen · 37 minutes geleden12′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-0

The first shot is on target, it is immediately touch with the Locals. Pablo Rosario it was just out of the sixteen yards, and to see the ball via the post into the goal, disappear.PSV-FC Groningen · 39 minutes ago

Mohamed Ihattaren is one of only four players on the bench, it starts at the over the top match against Ajax amsterdam.PSV-FC Groningen · 44 minutes geleden5, ” A cluttered start off in Eindhoven, the netherlands, where both sides of the ball, regularly taking it and have no chance to create it. Zeefuik gets injured, but he is able to continue.PSV-FC Groningen · one-hour geleden1 ” The ball at the Philips Arena. You can PSV eindhoven is the fifth competitiezege of the season in the books, or to FC Groningen in for a surprise?PSV-FC Groningen · one-hour geledenDe a warm-up is gone. Five minutes until kick-off in Eindhoven, the netherlands.

A warm-up!!!💪
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AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen18:06 am – 25 september, 2019PSV and FC Groningen is one hour geledenRitsu Doan and his teammates at PSV eindhoven have been working on the warm-up.

Doan is in the base tonight. What does it mean to you to be basisdebuut? 🇯🇵


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen18:03 pm – september 25, 2019PSV FC Groningen and one from an hour ago

PSV-year-old Mark van Bommel will find it difficult to get on with the game in action, and on the same day as the funeral of his former team-mate Fernando Ricksen. “It’s always difficult,” said the coach on FOX Sports. “As a football player, I like to have a couple of times ago and that I was in some doubt whether I was supposed to play.”PSV-FC Groningen · one hour ago

For the last time, PSV eindhoven and FC Groningen are the opposite of each other, were, by the end of January. When we won the Locals with a 2-1 thanks to two goals from the now departed Hirving Lozano.PSV-FC Groningen · 2-hour geledenDe the selection of the pitch register at the Philips Stadium, where about three quarters of an hour for the kick-off will be carried out.

The Arrival ✔
The Line-up, regards,


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen17:34 am – september 25, 2019PSV-FC Groningen · 2-hour geledenFC of Groningen, will combine with the next elf took the fight down.

📋 Setup
Come on, come on, men, fight!⚔️
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AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen17:31 on september 25th, 2019PSV-FC Groningen · 2-hour geledenOm 18: 30 start MANU in the inhaalwedstrijd against FC Groningen in the netherlands. Trainer Mark van Bommel leads to four changes in its arrangement compared to the top match against Ajax amsterdam. Olivier Boscagli, Daniel Schwaab, Ritsu Doan and Cody Gakpo to take the place of Timo Baumgartl, Michal Sadílek, Mohamed Ihattaren and Bruma. Doan makes a calculated, against his old club, basisdebuut for the Locals.

Our goal is to be the team for tonight is 1⃣1⃣
Unity is strength


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