Jobs at S-Media

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As the press service of the BATCH Media, the company behind the other TV, to let you know that in the near future, layoffs will be handled. The tv landscape over the past few years has greatly evolved, which forces the company to take action. The offer is available across the world in full transformation. Classic television is still very popular, but it is a fast growing supplier of digital tv and the videoplatformen changes in the natural world, and the business model of television. The concurrentieveld has also changed dramatically with the arrival of global players such as Netflix, Apple, and Disney. This enables the local players are facing a tremendous challenge.
S-Media has invested in the past few years, a lot in the digital transformation of audio-visual activities, free video, VTM-GO, as most of the recent construction projects. In order to have the local leadership to ensure, and to be able to compete with the big international players, choose, BATCH, Media, now, for a far-reaching digitalization and personalization of the tv business.

BATCH of Media, provides for major investment in the development of a streamingplatform by a paid digital offerings on the domestic and foreign series and films, and the so-called Flemish Netflix. The investment in advertising and datatechnologie will also be presented. What is the new kijkmodellen and platforms, the demand for good, local content is growing. Also, this requires that the necessary resources are made available to.