It’s not going to be good by Trisha

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About three years ago and got Trisha tied the knot with Kurt’s. Together they became the parents of twins, Her Lore and Her Back. Shortly after that, was the lead singer in a post-partum depression. The twins cried a lot and slept poorly. Last year, Trisha and Kurt have a fitnesszaak and the indoor play area is to Izegem, but that didn’t work as expected. Of the perfectionist such as Trisha took too much hay on its fork, in order that the case can be maintained. In an interview with what is said to Kurt, now that they have a customer base of thousands of people. That takes care of the extra stress, and with the raising of three children, who are still to come. This combination is what many have become. Fortunately for the couple, in these difficult circumstances, to appeal to Trisha’s ex-Ignace Crombé, who immediately offered to have daughter christmas tree as much as possible is to catch.

Kurt told me to-Day that Trisha ever since the beginning of July, very deep and of itself. In the meantime, the singer and business woman, though a half-year inactive. Alternating stays in the hospital and in their own apartment, to Ols, to rest, to recuperate. Now, Trisha is the right treatment and support to recovery in a practical sense, continue to evolve. Maybe it picks up then maybe, but the thread of her singing career once again.