Great drama in the Bake Off

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Botanical week in a Bake-Off, and that’s why you go to the bakers to get started on with plants, herbs, and flowers. The first hurdle is to have a sweet vegan cake. Baking without eggs, milk, and butter, when the bakers are not. “I’ve been on a vegan forum and read it,” says Greet. “That’s what they said, that an egg is the menstruation of a chicken. Do you not see?”

Peter is a vegan sponge cake with purple sweet potatoes. “But it looks like it’s on cement…” scratch and he is smiling at her. “Not really a restaurant serving delectable. If the concrete pump on the job is the result.” And is also a member of the jury Regula, it may well not taste of it: “I’m so disappointed in you.”

In the meantime, stroll to the famous Bake Off, ponies, all between the bakeilanden on. To the dismay of Lorentia: “I don’t like ponies. If, that is, one behind the other with piemels like… Let’s face it, piemels, are not, isn’t that beautiful!” It doesn’t always have to be about baking a go.

The prize for the most ambitious baker, the 18-year-old Jaline. They are as spectacular as a hanging top of a three storey building. However, when she put her cake down, it appears the construction was not strong enough. However, as long as you point to a building or structure, with zelfgegoten concrete. Eventually, she moved the cake out of sheer necessity to have a borstelstok present it to the world. Gets Jaline’s left? Is pending in the cake to be a hit or a miss?

The Bake-Off in Flanders, on Wednesday, to 20u35 to FOUR years old.