De Kreuners-have the new version, Waiting for A Train

31f71b67889023f0052ca85d745827d0 - De Kreuners-have the new version, Waiting for A Train

After the crazy festival summer 2018 (with more than 185.000 spectators, on the 26th of festivals), seemed to be The Kreuners be a good idea to 2019 and a couple of zaalshows in the plan. It was on a couple of smaller pilot studies of the post – véle years ago. Apparently it’s a very good idea, because most of the concerts were, in a short time, sold out.
Axl, Ben, Eric, John, and Walter, the last few months about the massive Kreuners-backcatalog is bent, and so it is, in addition to their many, many hits (Layla, I don’t Want You, at Such a Young age, fell In Love with Chris Lomme, Dance with Me, No, Oh, no, No …!) —never, or not played, the songs come to expect. On Saturday, they released the song “Waiting for A Train” from the album “Here And Now” and again in a revised version.

De Kreuners live in december? There are still tickets available for the concerts at MEZZ Breda, the netherlands, Expo, Waregem, belgium, and The Roma community. Do not have to wait for a long time, it is the message, the ticket sales goes like a train!