Women have the power, Dancing With The Stars.

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Sunday night, you could have FOUR to watch the first episode of the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Immediately, the proven, women are better than men, and the six female contestants were standing on top of it, the three men are at the bottom. In the show, there was a very high level, much higher than in the first installment of the previous year. The candidates will have to have a lot of pick up from the previous year, and we knew right away that it set the bar high. It was very intensive training, and it was there Sunday night to see it. Kelly Pfaff, Ianthe Tavernier, and Julie Vermeire received a gold, silver, and bronze.
Christoff, Michael, and Victoria Verhulst, had the least number of points, and the dangle at the bottom of the standings. As a outcome of which have been corrected in the second edition. The Verhulst has, during the past week, will not be able to completely give up as a result of the accident itself, he wants to be the accident, however, is not used as an excuse to use it. We know that he is not a dancer, it is to his credit that he wants to join in.

Kelly, Our called is to be one of the favourites. Her height and agility to play some in its favor, what’s more, Kelly Pfaff as a child, have a dance, really enjoyed it. And then it won’t be a sport anymore, have, Kelly, was there Sunday night. It is not for nothing that they are immediately in 32 of the 40 potential points gained in the first episode, we take note of. Trust us, Because Our’s, in terms of performance, is one of the favourites, but let’s not forget that ‘ Dancing With The Stars is a popularity contest, it is. If all of the Home-the actors and their followers to call a vote, it would be Ann Pira, suddenly come to 1 to be able to stand up. On Sunday, the first candidate, and trust us, no one wants to be on Sunday to lose weight for a lot of, to this program. Even though the candidates during the training sessions, the fun and wins it from the pain. w