Tatyana Beloy, wrote her first book

b0f48cdf98bf7cbb75972955a373942a - Tatyana Beloy, wrote her first book

In recent months, worked with Tatyana Beloy, in silence, on a very special project. On Instagram, says the actress and presenter is that it is almost time to get her one, but with a nodding knees, releasing it to the world.
In her first book, ” Never be the step-mother,’ she says in her heart, exposing something that more and more families are familiar with the touch plusouderschap. “In the modern world, in which gezinnetjes more and more special, we have all occasionally need a helping hand. Along with the behavioral therapist, Erik, In June I shared my story of the past, the present, and the future is down. On plusouderschap, about love, about self-empowerment and your own life in your hands take it,” said Tatyana Beloy is on social media.

“No step-mother!’ Thought that the actress Tatyana Beloy as four years ago, it came to an end on her relationship and she had to leave the two of pluskinderen that they would like to it was going to look like. But love does not let itself be led. Two years ago, she met the love of her life, Konrad (called in the picture in addition to Tatyana). When that prince, on his steed, a child’s chair was found to have standing, they have the choice to make that they can get out or in, but a long and happy life with his wife and son. She came to love as well as for the plusouderschap, but also for the design of the approach.