Monday night into day with Danira Boukhriss

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The guests Today on Monday, september 23,

Students need to drink less?
Chugging students who are lallend by Leuven and many, it is a picture that every year, at the end of september to return to. The fakbars, donate, beer, and liquor at great prices, in spite of the appeal of the city as well as the university, in order to take it a bit easier to do. Students of George van Hyfte, and She ” D are both behind the counter for a deposit. Toxicologist Jan Tytgat warned of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

Kc and the Arno Monsecour
In the movie “the Girl” by Lukas Dhont did very well this year, and that is, to a large extent, because it’s based on the true story of Nora, Monsecour. Nora was born, it was as if the boy is Aaron, but at the age of eighteen, she changed permanently in the Islands. She wrote her life story down in a book, which this summer published ” The Road to myself. Nora has a twin brother, Arno Monsecour, a soccer player at Sporting Lokeren. He knew very early on that Nora was actually a girl, he regarded her, when she was still young, the children were like his sister’s. A brother and sister, were our guests.