John Smith, is on Saturday 10th of October 2020 to get back in the Arena

8d4ab73295db9fa7ff717741e40ee6c4 - John Smith, is on Saturday 10th of October 2020 to get back in the Arena

Last year, the fourth, john Smith’s 20-year anniversary in Flanders with the first passage, in the city of Antwerp’s sports palace. ‘The Jan & Alleman”, was a memorable night for the popular singer and his audience. In addition to his biggest hits to date, there were the duets and passages from the artists André Hazes, Q3, Christoff, Ianthe Tavernier, Him and Romeo. Out of the hands of the Antwerp mayor, Bart De Wever, and Gert Verhulst, Jan Smith is also a gold record for selling more than 10,000 copies of the same name ‘John ‘ & the Masses’album.

There is some good news for the many john Smith fans, because it is in the program, ” George, Late last Night was Jan announced that next year the Arena will be ‘the Jan & Alleman the meezingconcert of john Smith.’ On Saturday 10 October 2020 I have my connection back, to be the largest in Antwerp concerttempel. For the first time and it was so special and it was, indeed, more. Of course, the ‘When the night’, ‘When the morrow has come, ” and “Friends for life” on the track list, and we are once again guests for the next few weeks, bekendmaak. Since the last time so much was here, and we have our stunt action: the Who concert tickets, buy, book, automatically, the new album, and this cd will get you after the end of the concert, free of charge. This week is the start of my tour in Flanders, and in the next period of time concerteer I will be in Ghent, Antwerp, Ostend, Brussels, and get there. That are great shows, and I’m looking very forward to it, but it will be a concert in the Sportpaleis in antwerp, it is still just that little bit different. I like to call the act “The meezingconcert,” and that’s going to be effective. The people who are keeping to a music festival, should an appointment not to miss out, and order it is best to be timely with their tickets, including the new album, if a little inconvenient,” says john Smith is highly enthusiastic.