Jackobond, and Bastien, to go along on the tour

41723260ace3fd9237ce0f6af1afec9a - Jackobond, and Bastien, to go along on the tour

From the beginning of October, in the cultural areas ‘Of the guest house to the Appermont, a fantastic matinee dedicated to all of the Flemish and Dutch televisiepresentatoren and presentatrices of the past.
Sonja Barend, Sandra Reemer, Rudi Carrell, Tony Corsari, Jan Theys, …. A trip down memory lane … to the legendary early days of the belgian national television as a tv presenter and presentatrices still the stars were there. On the basis of historical images and unforgettable music and looks Jackobond and Bastien back in the early days of the Flemish & Dutch tv. The personal stories of the people both in front and in the cathode-ray tube, the conscious, early experience will be discussed. Legendary live shows that could be rediscovered and recreated. Tunes from back then to be covered with dust removed.