In ten there’s to give a fair answer

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Siska Schoeters will receive a new Boldness to ask Tuesday night, ten muslim women, who are honest answers to the questions asked by the inquisitive folks: “Drink it you drink alcohol?”,”Should you be in a relationship with a non-muslim?”, or, “Why are you wearing a scarf?” Rozerin, a young woman, invites the waffle house out on its Kurdish engagement party. And Mariem is designing her own take place, that they would like to want to fit in to the waffle house.

Ask us anything on Tuesday, september 24 at 20.40 hrs on One of.

May, 22 years old, Gent, belgium, and Alliser (20 years old
The parents of these siblings are Sudanese and have fled from germany to Belgium, then it May be seven years old. May find that if you’re a muslim, always put your best face must be showing. A woman needs to be committed, and its role in demand in the society. Her sister, Alliser decided just to wear a headscarf. It was a warm, impulsive, and free-choice, they don’t have a minute of regret of the day.

Saïda (50, Mechelen
Saïda is of Moroccan origin and that the Quran needs to be updated. The theologians must be in the book for the modern age, interpret and make it accessible to the common man. Saïda is age 17 consistent with a headscarf because it is her identity. And it is an identity, you can’t just drop off, ” she said. She thinks of herself is that she is a feminist is. “Not for us, we still live in a man’s world. Both the muslims and the catholics.”

Ruby, Zahira (23 years old, Hemiksem)
Zahira’s maiden name was Ruby, but when she is, in 2014, he converted to islam, she opted for a Ruby and Zahira. “Zahira” means brilliance in Arabic. Ruby has always been interested in religion. For her to fit in the islam are the most to her. They keep track of the values and norms of islam. At school, she will always have a head covering outside is not always the case. “You may believe it is in your heart,” says Ruby, “is not what you’re doing.”