Britney Spears is once again in a bad paper

1f8d47100b315f34dc0311396717d799 - Britney Spears is once again in a bad paper

The court has decided that Jamie Spears and madonna’s decisions to remain in the professional life of Britney Spears. Britneys mother Lynne, her ex-husband and brought to trial to take the responsibility in our own hands, but the effort turned up so it didn’t work out.

Jamie Spears took over have already been away from the legal authority of the personal items from his daughter’s will. Could this decision have something to do with the omgangsverbod that Jamie had been imposed after the Britneys of 14-year-old son claimed to be abused by his grandfather. Since then, the relationship between father and daughter, Since once again this time, and it would once again not go well with the mental health of Britney Spears.